About… me

Hi! Thank you for visiting my site! My name is Cristian Buda and I’m a visual artist from Arad, Romania. I finished my studies in Painting at the Faculty of Arts and Design (Cluj, Romania) in 2005 and now I live in the United Kingdom. I am a simple man who fell in love with Art. That’s why I started building my life around it. As a student, I took part in several art exhibitions. I also began to work in the art restoration and art conservation areas. Aside from the restoration of old paintings and monuments, I discovered the beauty of repairing mural paintings darkened by time. Therefore, the iconography classes I took when I was very young combined with my knowledge in colour and restoration led me to paint 4 churches from scratch and to repair or help preserve already existing paintings in 10 churches all over Romania. During my work in these churches I was helped by my brother and by our mentor. I am a skilled drawer as well. I generally use a pen or a pencil. I can make portraits, tattoo drawings or put your ideas on paper. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!